Brain Development

The human brain undergoes dramatic remodeling as it matures. Our work seeks to define normal patterns of brain development using multi-modal neuroimaging, network science, and machine learning methods.

Neurodevelopment of the association cortices: Patterns, mechanisms, and implications for psychopathology

Sydnor et al. 




Translational Neuroimaging

Advances in psychiatric care are limited by our lack of understanding of the biology of these disorders. Using tools from network science and machine learning, we seek to link dysfunction in brain circuits to symptoms of mental illness such as irritability, executive dysfunction, impulsivity, and anhedonia.

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Mobile footprinting: linking individual distinctiveness in mobility patterns to mood, sleep, and brain functional connectivity

Xia et al. 




Methods + Software

Non-invasive neuroimaging methods continue to advance at a rapid pace. We develop software and analysis methods to minimize artifact, integrate high-dimensional data, maximize reproducibility, and enhance scalability.

See our software page for further details.  

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Cieslak et al. 

Nature Methods