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Lifespan Informatics & Neuroimaging Center

Innovation in data science and translational neuroscience to understand brain development and mental illness


  Our research uses advanced analytics to integrate complex brain images and rich behavioral data.   Ultimately, we seek to map normal brain development and understand how alterations in brain maturation increase risk of psychiatric illness.



Anna Xu

JAMA Network Open


fMRI of Chronic Pain: A Meta Analysis

A comprehensive meta-analysis revealed that chronic pain does not appear to be associated with consistent alterations in the brain’s response to noxious stimuli.

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Erica Baller



Neurocognitive and functional heterogeneity in depressed youth

We identified neurocognitive subtypes of depressed youth using semi-supervised machine learning.

Adam Pines

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience


Leveraging multi-shell diffusion for studies of brain development in youth and young adulthood

We find key advantages of multi-shell diffusion metrics, including increased neurodevelopmental coupling and decreased spurious relationships with imaging data quality.


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ted satterthwaite

Ted is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. His research uses multi-modal neuroimaging to describe both normal and abnormal patterns of brain development, in order to better understand the origins of mental illnesses.

Lifespan Informatics and Neuroimaging Center

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Email: sattertt@pennmedicine.upenn.edu