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Rotations for Graduate Students

We are open to rotations for graduate students who are members of the UPenn Neuroscience Graduate Group and also the Bioengineering Graduate Group. Contact Dr. Theodore Satterthwaite ( to set up a lab rotation.

Clinical Research Coordinator

We are recruiting a Clinical Research Coordinator to help investigators conduct behavioral and multi-modal neuroimaging research examining both normal and abnormal brain development. Psychiatric disorders are increasingly understood as disorders of brain development, and our research seeks to situate mental illness in a developmental context. To do this, we use advanced multi-modal MRI imaging and detailed measures of cognition and clinical symptomatology. The position will draw on a wide range of skills and provide learning opportunities in diverse areas.

Responsibilities will include assisting with recruitment and acquisition of data for behavioral and multi-modal MRI data, cognitive assessment of both healthy children and those with psychiatric disorders, image analysis, maintenance of regulatory documents, and correspondence. Position includes substantial direct interaction with faculty; opportunities for data analysis, poster presentations, and writing manuscripts abound, making it ideal for those preparing for highly competitive graduate programs. Ideal start date is Spring 2022.

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