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Rotations for Graduate Students

Students who are members of either the UPenn Neuroscience Graduate Group and the Bioengineering Graduate Group can rotate in the lab. Contact Ted (sattertt at upenn dot edu) to set up a lab rotation. If you are a prospective student , please do not reach out to Ted until you are accepted to one of these programs. Note that all students must complete a rotation in the lab prior to joining for a thesis project.

Post-Doctoral Fellow: Neuroinformatics

The Penn Lifespan Informatics and Neuroimaging Center (PennLINC, is seeking to recruit a post-doctoral fellow in neuroinformatics. In this position, the applicant will innovate rapidly and lead consortia that seek to create and support widely used tools for accurate and reproducible analysis of multi-modal brain images. Examples of existing PennLINC software include QSIPrep (; Cieslak et al., Nature Methods 2021); ASLPrep (; Adebimpe et al., Nature Methods 2022), and the eXtensible Connectivity Pipelines (; Ciric et al., Nature Protocols 2018). Primary responsibilities will include: developing, benchmarking, applying, maintaining imaging analysis pipelines and maintaining them with an international user base; writing first-author papers in top journals; and supervising staff and trainees.

The ideal candidate will have a Ph. D. (or equivalent doctoral degree) and experience in software design, biomedical imaging, and data science. Experience with diverse programming and analysis languages including Python, R, shell scripting (linux/shell), docker/singularity, and git is required; experience with DataLad is highly desirable. Significant experience with a wide range of specialized neuroimaging packages (AFNI, FSL, ANTs, Freesurfer) is strongly preferred. Beyond these technical skills, to work effectively in this highly collaborative environment, the applicant must also possess superior communication, language, and writing skills.

In addition to a dynamic and supportive work environment, we are prepared to offer above-market compensation ($80-90,000 USD/year) for qualified trainees.

Please email Ted at sattertt at upenn dot edu to learn more.