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PennLINC Graduation 2023!!!

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

We gathered to celebrate our incredible friends who are moving from PennLINC this year as part of our annual graduation extravaganza. This year, we were at North Bowl Philly, where we ate, drank, bowled, and gave sappy toasts in an exceptionally wonderful evening. Our graduates this year included: Erica Baller (post-doc), who will join the faculty and start her own lab at Penn.

Sydney Covitz (software engineer), who is off to Stanford to pursue her PhD in Bioengineering.

Linden Parkes (post-doc), who is starting his own lab as an Assistant Professor at Rutgers University.

Bart Larsen (post-doc), who is joining the faculty at the University of Minnesota as an Assistant Professor to start his own lab.

Valerie Sydnor (neuroscience graduate student), who is going to Pitt for her post-doc with Bea Luna.

See our alumni page for further details regarding the many incredible accomplishments of this year's stellar graduates.

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