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OHBM 2019!

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

We'll have 4 posters and 2 talks at the 2019 annual meeting of the Organization of Human Brain Mapping in Rome. The work reflects everything the whole space we work in-- methods, normative development, and psychopathology. Congrats to all!!! See below for who is presenting.

Valerie Syndnor will present a poster entitled "Investigating Psychosis Spectrum White Matter Glutamate Alterations with GluCEST Imaging"

Graham Baum will present a poster entitled "Development of structure-function network coupling in youth"

Cedric Xia was selected for a talk on his new paper "Multi-Scale Network Regression: A New Low-Rank And Sparse Multivariate Connectivity Analysis Method"

Matt Cieslak will present a poster entitled "A head motion correction algorithm for arbitrary q space sampling schemes with high b values"

Zaixu Cui will present a poster on "Optimization of energy state transition trajectory supports the development of executive function during youth" Ted will speak at a symposium entitled "New Approaches for Probing the Neurobehavioral Basis of Development"

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