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Lia Brodrick

Clinical Research Coordinator


University of Pennsylvania

Lia graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Law & Society from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2022. While at Penn, Lia founded a chapter of the national nonprofit A Moment of Magic and spent much of her time dressed in costume visiting children's hospitals and other social service institutions. When not in full princess attire, Lia spent her time working with Dr. Adrian Raine on an honors thesis, assisting in the EDEN Lab under Dr. Becky Waller, and exploring Philadelphia.

Lia plans to pursue Clinical Psychology and hopes to continue exploring and expanding her interest in behavior disorders across development and the influence of adverse childhood experiences on adult outcomes.

Fun Facts

    I once broke my foot walking up stairs.
    I have 205 bones in my body instead of 206 (a result of breaking my foot walking up stairs).
    I cried every year when my dad made me do the science fair - I am now a scientist by choice.
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