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Kevin Sun

MD/PhD Student


University of Pennsylvania

Kevin grew up near Cleveland, and came to Philly for his B.A. in Biology and has more or less stayed put ever since. His research path has been varied and meandering, including work in structural biology, neurodegenerative disease, and sickle cell genetics. However, Kevin was always fascinated by brain and behavior, and was able to pursue this interest in the Neuroscience Graduate Group as part of his MD/PhD at Penn. He is co-mentored by Drs. Aaron Alexander-Bloch and Ted Satterthwaite, working with functional neuroimaging data to ask questions about development, genetics, and transdiagnostic psychopathology risk. He is excited to continue to learn and grow in this field, and is interested in a future career as a psychiatrist-scientist. Outside of research, Kevin enjoys film, weightlifting, art museums, and speculative fiction.

Fun Facts

    1. Kevin once gave a poster presentation to Bill Nye the Science Guy
    2. He played violin in a concert with Jefferson Starship, but is no longer any good :(
    3. 20% houseplant survival rate
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