Tinashe Michael Tapera

Senior Data Analyst



Drexel University

Drexel University

Tinashe was born in Zimbabwe, where he attended St. John's Preparatory and College schools, and specialised in English literature, physics, and maths. Thanks to his upbringing in local churches, Tinashe grew up with a strong affinity for music, performing on electric and acoustic guitar, piano, vocals, and drums, and leading musical groups and choirs at church, school, and independently.

Tinashe applied to Drexel University to pursue a career in the music industry, but soon found his interests turning to science, and instead studied psychology in Drexel's accelerated BSMS program. Under Dr. Fengqing Zhang, Tinashe took his Master's research in a quantitative route to study how machine learning and data mining can be better implemented in traditional psychological investigations, such as identifying eating habits, early-stage Autism Disorder diagnosis, just-in-time interventions, and novel classification methods for imbalanced groups.

Today, Tinashe is most interested in leveraging scientific computing and advanced data mining in abstract, human-oriented fields from human resource management and nutrition epidemiology, to neuroscience and clinical psychiatry. His current projects in the lab include intermodal coupling of multiple imaging modalities.

Fun Facts

    1. Tinashe was drum major for 3 years in the St. John's College Pipe Band; Tinashe's kilt tartan is Murray of Atholl. He would wear a kilt to work if he still had one.

    2. Tinashe can drink up to 2 litres of tea on any given day, regardless of weather conditions.

    3. Much to his coworkers chagrin, Tinashe occasionally spells colour with a "u" and writes his dates DD-MM-YY.

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