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Sydney Covitz

Neuroinformatics Software Engineer


Swarthmore College

Sydney grew up in Washington, DC and recently graduated from Swarthmore College, where she earned a dual B.A. in Computer Science and English Literature.

During college, Sydney participated in a variety of internship programs ranging from software engineering research to journalism. As a National Science Foundation REU student, she worked on security research for the node.js/node package manager (npm) ecosystem at Carnegie Mellon University’s Institute for Software Research. Sydney was a Cybersecurity Program Intern at the National Rural Electric Cooperative where she researched cyber threat mitigation and communication strategies for electric cooperatives as well as energy sector security applications of popular distributed ledger technologies. She has also worked at the Editorial Desk of The Washington Post.

Sydney is currently interested in the applications of artificial intelligence, and computer vision to neuroinformatics and neuroimaging.

Sydney played soccer and ran track in college and plans to join as many adult soccer leagues as she can during her time in Philadelphia (once social distancing requirements have been lifted and covid is more under control).

Fun Facts

    1. I love python but hate snakes.
    2. I am obsessed with coffee.
    3. My favorite animal is the octocat.
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