Sophia Linguiti

Clinical Research Coordinator


Wesleyan University

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Sophia returned to her hometown to join the Satterthwaite Lab after graduating Wesleyan University in 2019. At Wesleyan, Sophia majored in Neuroscience and Behavior and received a certificate in Civic Engagement, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and with Honors. Throughout her undergraduate years she participated in several research labs and completed her senior honors thesis that examines the shifting political tides that have impacted the juvenile justice system throughout its history, as well as explores the current neuroscientific understanding of the differences between adolescent and adult brains and its connection to criminality. Outside of the academic setting, Sophia played four years of varsity soccer at Wesleyan and was a captain her senior year.

Currently, Sophia is working on Dr. Satterthwaite’s longitudinal study that looks at the relationship between aberrations in functional brain network development and deficits in executive function in youth and adolescence. Sophia wants to pursue an MD/MPH, with the hope of building a stronger bridge between policy and medicine and creating a more scientifically informed criminal justice system. Outside of the BBL, Sophia enjoys playing soccer, travel adventures, exploring new restaurants and listening to podcasts (especially true crime!)

Fun Facts

    My favorite food is in fact linguine.