Max Bertolero

Senior Scientist



Columbia University

University of California, Berkeley

Max read Fodor's "Modularity of Mind" and Alison Gopnik's "The Philosophical Baby" as a philosophy undergraduate and decided he wanted to be a neuroscientist. He has since been dedicated to understanding the brain as a network. His work has mostly focused on how the brain maintains a modular processing regime despite the need for integration. He has found that connector hubs, a group of tightly interconnected regions that also have their connections spread across the brain, allow this balance of modularity and integration. Max has also worked on science-of-science projects, like understanding imbalances in neuroscience reference lists against women and authors of color. He is currently seeking to understand the development of connector hubs and that balance of modular-integrative processing.

Fun Facts

    Most likely the fastest scientist on a dirt bike.
    French Bulldog parent.
    Loves Tex-Mex (brisket tacos) and Italian-American (Italian gravy) food.