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Madeleine Seitz

Clinical Research Coordinator



Stanford University

Ludwig Maximilian University

Madeleine grew up in Laramie, WY, and spent her weekends ranching in the even more rural hamlet of Savery, WY, before heading west to California to pursue her Bachelor’s in Psychology at Stanford University. At Stanford she worked in the Culture and Emotion Lab under Dr. Jeanne Tsai, where she developed a keen interest in affective science and how affect manifests in cultural artifacts, culminating in her Bachelor’s thesis “FACS on Artifacts?: The Use of Facial Action Coding on Nigerian Performance Masks”. In 2020, she moved to Munich, Germany, where she pursued her Master’s in Neuro-Cognitive Psychology at the Ludwig Maximilian University. At the LMU she gained experience working with neuroimaging and neurostimulation techniques including EEG, fMRI, TMS, and tDCS, and completed her thesis investigating prodromal psychosis in the ABCD cohort under Dr. Franziska Knolle. Madeleine plans on spending the next couple of years developing her research skills and doting on her two fluffy cats before pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Fun Facts

    • Madeleine is a proficient flintknapper with a collection of homemade stone tools

    • Madeleine loves knitting

    • Madeleine has a pet interest in archaeology and has volunteered on excavations around the world
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