Jacob Vogel

Postdoctoral Fellow



Hampshire College

McGill University

Jake grew up right here in Philadelphia, though his neuroscience trek took him elsewhere for the last ten years. Jake studied at Hampshire College, where he took a bunch of psychology, biology and statistics classes and called it "Neuroscience". After graduating, Jake worked for three years as a lab manager for Bill Jagust at University of California, Berkeley. The Jagust Lab used PET and other imaging techniques to study aging and Alzheimer's disease, and it was in Berkeley that that Jake began learning neuroimaging and python. Jake continued this work as a PhD student at McGill with Alan Evans, where his thesis focused on tau-PET imaging and disease progression modeling in Alzheimer's disease. Here, Jake also began perfecting his craft in in machine learning and multi-omics analyses. During his PhD, Jake developed many international collaborators and spent six months in Amsterdam, as well as time in London, Paris and Sweden. Jake joins PennLINC in an effort to learn more about human development and evolution, to understand whether and how vulnerability and resilience to late-life disease is imprinted in early life. When not sciencing, Jake is often playing music, rock climbing, biking or enjoying and Eagles or Phillies game.

Fun Facts