Hamsi Radhakrishnan

Postdoctoral Fellow



BMS College of Engineering

University of California, Irvine

Hamsi (hum-see, she/her) grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and later in Bangalore, India, where she got her bachelor's degree in biotechnology engineering. Though this degree taught her really fun things like how to operate a lathe and how a fermenter works, she soon discovered that neuroscience excited her a lot more. So she moved to Irvine, California, to get her PhD under the guidance of Dr. Craig Stark. In grad school, her thesis focused on using diffusion MRI to study aging and disease-related microstructural changes in gray matter. In her post-doc at Penn LINC, Hamsi will leverage the power of diffusion imaging to study microstructural properties associated with developmental changes and pathologies. She is also passionate about science communication and outreach, and hopes to do more of that in Philadelphia!

Fun Facts

    Outside of lab, Hamsi enjoys trivia, hiking, live music, making bad art, video games and board games with particularly absurd backstories.