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Dale Zhou

Neuroscience Graduate Student


University of Maryland, College Park

Dale moved from Atlanta, GA to Bethesda, MD as a child, blowing his chance at becoming a true southern gentleman. As consolation, he got a BSc in psychology and BA in philosophy at the University of Maryland, College Park, once fluking into 3rd place in a campus-wide table tennis tournament. Weighing his prospects as a professional athlete, he decided to train at the National Institute of Mental Health in neuroscience. On occasion, he tried to escape his ever-northward destiny. One summer, he reportedly biked west across the U.S.— traveling from Maryland to Oregon to help fight cancer. But his efforts proved fruitless; Dale joined Penn's Neuroscience Graduate Group where his doctoral research, advised by Professor Danielle Bassett and co-advised by Professor Theodore Satterthwaite, focuses on computational models of learning and attention, and how these cognitive functions go awry in psychiatric disorders. He hopes to one day search for academic faculty jobs in all cardinal directions. Outside of lab, Dale enjoys reading, music, art, TV & film, gaming, hiking, and maintaining lists of exciting future hobbies.

Fun Facts

    He Is the worst Atlanta Braves fan
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