Cedric Huchuan Xia

MD-PhD Student



Washington University in St. Louis

University of Pennsylvania

Cedric is an M.D.-Ph.D. student in the Neuroscience Graduate Group, where he is co-advised by Drs. Ted Satterthwaite of Psychiatry and Danielle Bassett of Bioengineering. During his thesis work, he is working on parsing out heterogeneity of psychiatric illness by harnessing machine learning tools and rich multimodal data, including neuroimaging, genomics, and deep behavioral phenotyping. More broadly, he is passionate about making a difference at the intersection of technology and healthcare, aspiring to improve the landscape of brain health care through advanced data analytics. Cedric's latest work has been published in Nature Communications and Human Brain Mapping. He has been recognized with the Blavatnik Fellowship in Biomedical Research, Travel Awards from the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology, Society of Biological Psychiatry, and Organization on Human Brain Mapping.

Cedric received his bachelor's degree in biology with the highest honor from Washington University in St. Louis. A native of Sichuan (the land of pandas and hotpot), turned Shanghaiist, turned Midwesterner, Cedric currently lives in Philadelphia. In his free time, Cedric enjoys traveling, photography, and instant-pot cooking. He is also a certified rescue SCUBA diver. Cedric met his husband during a PhD research exchange program in Germany.

Fun Facts

    1. Cedric was a winner on the Chinese Jeopardy Show in high school.

    2. He has been to 25+ countries and counting!

    3. Cedric designed a creative wedding during the COVID19 pandemic, covered by the New York Times.