Azeez Adebimpe

Senior Data Scientist

B. Eng



Federal University of Technology, Nigeria

Ghent University, Belgium

National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm) , France

Azeez Adebimpe from Share (not distribute), a rural area in Nigeria. He obtained double major Electrical and Computer Engineering at Federal University of Technology, Nigeria in 2008. He worked briefly as assistant lecturer before further study. He obtained double Masters in Biomedical Engineering at University of Groningen, Netherlands and Ghent University, Belgium with special focus in Neural Engineering and Biomedical Imaging with ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarship in 2013. He proceed with INSERM PhD scholarship (2013 -2106) for his doctoral research in neuroscience with focus on neonates and neurological disorders (epilepsy and ADHD) in young children. Before joining the lab, he was with APPC working on Neurobiological basis of exposure to screen violence under the supervision of Prof. Dan Romer and Prof Danielle Bassett. He is working presently on irritability in youth under the supervision of Prof. Theodore Satterthwaite.His major interest is to understand control and evolution of brain structural and functional development with influence of environmental and social factors. He enjoys playing and watching soccer, computer programming fan of SouthPack and Console games.

Fun Facts

    South Pack addict