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Arielle Keller

Postdoctoral Fellow




Brandeis University

Brandeis University

Stanford University

Arielle (she/her) grew up near Boston, as evidenced by her ability to drive in the snow and habit of showing up early to meetings. She completed her undergraduate and Master’s degrees in neuroscience at Brandeis in 2016 while researching visual and auditory attention in musicians. As a graduate student in Leanne Williams' PanLab at Stanford funded by the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate fellowship, Arielle investigated neural correlates of attention impairments in depression and anxiety using fMRI and EEG. She also conducted research as a Stanford Mind, Brain Computation and Technology trainee, developing computational models for understanding attention and mental effort. In her post-doc, Arielle will be exploring how environmental factors impact the development of functional brain networks supporting cognition. Outside of lab, Arielle enjoys reading, baking, skiing, and teaching kids about the brain.

Fun Facts

    *Does not remove eggs from the carton in an orderly fashion
    *Is obsessed with her extremely cute puppy, Mia
    *Loves hedgehogs
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