Alina Theresa Henn

PhD Student




University of Cologne, Germany

University of Hagen, Germany

Osnabrück University, Germany

After obtaining a B.Sc. in Social Sciences at Cologne University as well as Psychology at Hagen University, Alina graduated from Osnabrück University with a M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology. Since fall 2019 she is been pursuing a PhD in clinical neuropsychology under the supervision of Drs. Ute Habel (RWTH, Germany) and Ted Satterthwaite whilst being supported by the International Research Training Group (DFG-IRTG 2150). The IRTG 2150 is a structured PhD education program, formed by scientists from JARA BRAIN, an initiative of the RWTH Aachen University and the Research Center Jülich, Germany, in cooperation with the University of Pennsylvania, US.

The research focus of her PhD is the evaluation of the predictive power of different brain networks for behavioral impulsivity in psychiatric disease (mainly depression and borderline personality disorder) and health using fMRI and Ecological Momentary Assessment. As part of her work in Ted's Lab, Alina is furthermore currently focusing on the analysis of the impact of chronic pain on structural brain changes.

In addition to her PhD, she started her training as a psychological psychotherapist in August 2020.

Fun Facts

    Loves climbing and bouldering (though afraid of falling);
    Her bucket list includes getting her own pilot's license for hang gliding one day.