Adam Pines

Neuroscience Graduate Student


Loyola Marymount University

Adam grew up in the Chicago area (AKA the deep-dish flatlands) and completed his undergraduate education at Loyola Marymount University. He joined the lab in August of 2018 as a neuroscience graduate student. Since starting his degree, he has used various brain-imaging techniques to characterize neurodevelopment, the relationship of neuronal structure to function, and plasticity in the brain. His first paper in the lab examined the utility of multi-shell diffusion models (Pines et al., Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience 2020). He is current work is centered on multi-level functional re-organization across brain networks in neurodevelopment. Whether or not he’s in lab, he can often be found smoking brisket or hiking.

Fun Facts

    Summited 5 14,000+ ft. Mountains in the US, sees in 5 dimensions, cooks in 6.